Additional Services We Offer Our “Online” and “Live” Auction Clients:


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Unit Lock-Cuts and Inventories:

Once your self-storage tenant’s account goes in to lien status, the tenant’s lock(s) must be cut and their unit inventoried. This is how our lock-cut and inventory program works:

Records and Lien Searches for Vehicles / Vessels in Foreclosure:

Hammer Down Auctions, Inc. has a direct link to Florida’s DMV database, which enables us to provide fast and accurate results to our clients. Our vehicle records search results includes comprehensive vehicle information including: Make, Model, VIN number, Title number, Owner Information, and Lien Holder information. Our vessel records search includes comprehensive vessel information including: Make, Model, Hull I.D. number, “FL” number, Decal number, Owner information, and Lien Holder information. All of our record searches for Florida Titled Vehicles or Vessels include a detailed “Findings Report”, which includes explicit instructions to the facility manager regarding the proper certification requirements and legal publication requirements. Our expertise in this area ensures a legal lien sale of any and all vehicles or vessels. We have access to the DMV Databases of 31 different states. Our price is determined by each state’s respective charges.

Foreclosed Unit File Reviews (Florida)

In order to minimize the possibility of a wrongful sale, we offer File Reviews of all candidate foreclosed self-storage units. Our File Reviews are more than just a cursory review of the statutory timelines, they also include a detailed review of executed leases, confirming recipient’s street and email addresses, scrutinizing “Notice of Lien Sale Letters” and “Legal Advertisements”, Ledger Histories, and more. We are available for consultation in order to address and resolve legal issues related to the Lien Sale process. Our File Review rate is $25.00 per unit for Florida properties.

Self-Storage Facility -Consultations Regarding the Entire Foreclosure Process:

Because of our vast self-storage management experience, we have the knowledge and background to provide our clients consultations regarding the entire self-storage foreclosure process. Our consultation topics include late and lien fee structures, the timing of your lock-cuts, U.C.C. searches, and various legal issues which can impact Florida’s Self-Storage foreclosure process.

Date: 05-06-2021