About Hammer Down Auctions

Hammer Down Auctions, Inc. works as an agent for Self Storage companies to facilitate the sale of their Self Storage units which have gone into foreclosure status. All Self Storage units sold by Hammer Down Auctions, Inc. are in default pursuant to Florida Statutes 83.801-83.809. The sole purpose of auctioning storage units is to mitigate the defaulted tenant’s debt, maximize the recovery of accrued rent and fees, and return the Self Storage unit back to a rentable condition as soon as possible. This is accomplished by utilizing an open-bidding auction process and selling to the highest bidder. The calls of our agents are loud, clear, and easy for the bidder to understand. There is no confusion to the bidders regarding where they stand as the agent continues to point to the highest bidder until the unit is sold.

A 10% Buyer's Premium plus sales tax will be assessed and included in the total sales price of each self storage unit sold.

Hammer Down Auctions, Inc. employs Auctioneers who are Certified and Licensed by the Florida Board of Auctioneers!


Our Self Storage Auction Program

All units up for auction will be listed on our website prior to the scheduled sale. We will update the number of units for sale on the auction schedule page as the sale becomes imminent in an effort to reduce bidder’s phone calls to the rental office.

We will not attempt to cram 12 to 14 auctions into a single day by the same agent. We will respect the facility managers and bidder’s time by scheduling a number of auctions which will allow us to commence each auction in a timely fashion. While some delays are inevitable, we will do everything in our power to minimize them and adhere to our schedule.

We arrive prior to the sale to review all files for auction. Our checklist ensures all candidate units are in full compliance with the self storage company’s policies as well as the Florida Lien Statutes. Any unit files found to be non-compliant will be pulled from the scheduled auction for that day.

We read all rules to the bidders prior to the first unit being sold.

We confirm the serial number on the seal prior to opening the unit door. This procedure ensures the integrity of the unit is as it was when the unit contents were inventoried.

We employ an open bidding process. No one is allowed to enter the Self- Storage unit. The buyer is not permitted to touch or move any of the items until the sale is declared closed.

We facilitate an immediate cash payment from the buyer inside the rental office once the auction is over. Our agent will receive and count cash from the buyer, give a manual receipt, and then give the cash to the facility manager to place in the cash drawer. This process is very organized and only one buyer is handled at a time.

We provide an “auction summary” form to the facility manager listing all relevant information regarding the auction. This includes: Facility name and address, Site number, Date of Auction, Name of agent, Name of Facility Manager, Unit #, Amount owed, Seal confirmation, Name of buyer, Amount paid, Tax collected (if applicable), and total amount received.


Our Self Storage Auction Rules


Since Hammer Down Auctions, Inc. is in the Self Storage business and of the agency relationship we have with our self storage clients, Hammer Down Auctions, Inc. is exempted pursuant to Florida Statutes, Title XXXII, Chapter 468.383, paragraph 6, from being required to possess an auctioneer’s license.

Date: 05-05-2021